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10 years experience in
60+ people in the team

10+ enterprise clients and
$4MM revenue
Business ready for global expansion
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Our main goal is to create opportunities
for the midsize local retail companies
to become global players
using the power of blockchain
$4500 billion retail
e-commerce sales market
Problem of the market
High costs, slow implementation, low revenue and lack of growth – key problems of ecommerce for both retail and manufacturers
Retail.Global Solution
Effective business, fast start, high income, and stable growth
Retail.Global Ecosystem & Global Expansion
We combine all elements of successful e-commerce sales in each local market to boost global sales
6 modules of Retail.Global platform
integrate all e-commerce sales processes
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Features of ecommerce platform:

  1. Brand online store: desktop, laptop, mobile online store version with unique design

  2. Apps and Bots with integrated orders management and support: Mobile app, Facebook app, Bots for Messenger, Telegram, VK, WeChat

  3. Products feed & orders integration to marketplaces (amazon, ebay, etsy, yandex) & ads services (google, yandex, bing)

  4. Integration system: with partner CRM and services

Multi Language interface and auto translate system
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  1. Connect stock of your warehouses or shops – all products will be on sale in your store with just-in-time integration

  2. Use dropshipping and distributors warehouses to make your assortment wide and boost sales – just one click and you get new products to sale or buy it and move to fulfillment warehouse. Connect warehouses from any country – to make delivery faster.

  3. Create new products with just-in-time printing on clothing, accessories or your stuff (just-in-time printing services integrated on services marketplaces)

  4. Orders management system: confirm, fulfil, send and delivery orders anywhere

  5. You can see and manage your stock: what products and what warehouses connect.

  6. Supply chain based on smartcontracts with multi-sign: supplier, buyer and 3rd party (wholesale agent, credit organization or somebody else if it needed)

To sell around the world you have to operate with local delivery, payment, multilanguage customers clients support

On Retail.Global platform you can control all sales, products stock and traffic from each country you sale

Professional teams from Retail.Global Service Marketplace to start & manage your shop support middle and big companies to creation, migration and development of all project from start to growth of online store.
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Unite all best-class affiliate networks and advertisement agencies all over the world to get customers all over the world

Get customers from all main advertisement channels:

- Advertisement networks & search: Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu

- Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, VK, Weibo and others

- Affiliate networks

- Marketplaces: Amazon, Tmall, Etsy, Ebay, Yandex.Market and others

- Customers retention: email, push, retargeting, loyalty rewards
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We see great abilities of Retail.Global loyalty rewards program:

  1. Loyalty Rewards System with Branded Shops Token: Getting of feedback and reviews of products and service

  2. Make special referral partners program for opinions leaders and CPA partners

  3. Use Partners API for promotions with partners

  4. Partners network for exchange leads and shops token

  5. Retention tools: special offers, coupons
With cryptotoken Retail.Bonus Token – boost feedback and reviews from our clients to improve your business, reward your clients for shopping and remind for new products.

Our vision to development of loyalty rewards program for all clients for platform.

Non competitive shops can make option for they customers to change loyalty points to leads from another shops, so it makes new sales

Customers can get tokens for:

  • Purchased products as cashback

  • Reviews on shop, social media

  • Participate in shops contest and different marketing activities

  • Referral program for new leads

Partners can accept tokens as partly payment for purchase

Powerful Rest API allows to make united marketing campaigns with different partners

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All sales, customers and products analytics.

  1. Service providers controlling: dashboard and task manager

  2. Roadmap & financial modeling

  3. Dashboard with reports

  4. Export & Import Data

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Omnichannel services and integrations very useful if you own stores.

Platform perform:

  • showing where to buy it now in stores

  • online booking in store

  • 3 hour delivery from store

  • Mobile App for customers and shops assistant to check availability and order

  • and much more to connect offline & online

Digital devices now influence about 60 percent of offline retail sales according to estimates from Deloitte, so omnichannel integrations is most important way to make customers loyal with retailer.

More products
We use blockchain in
3 key processes of global online sales
Now we have 4$mln/year revenue
and 10 enterprise clients
Creating own ecommerce project Proskater
45 warehouses of manufactures from all country with integrated just-in-time order supply system
First 2 enterprise clients of platform
Start with Quiksilver online store called Boardriders (brd.ru) and DRoP! premium sneaker online store (dropsneakers.ru)
10 enterprise clients on platform
New clients: Big fashion manufacturer GLANCE (150 shops), SOHO shoes stores chain (50 shops), Gifts.mail.ru (Mail.ru Group gifts shops), VK Gifts Shop, JustCoffee (coffee manufacturer), Anta (biggest China sport manufacturer) and Union (sport equipment company)
$4mln revenue in 2018
Integrates and operates with over 60 warehouses with 35000 products, 10 delivery companies and all infrastructure and 10years ecommerce experience to start national and international scale
Our advisors in technology, advertisement,
global expansion and fundraising
Roger Crook
The ex-CEO of DHL. 30 years international experience, was on the board of Deustchepost DHL. Worked with Amazon and Lazada/Alibaba in the US, EU and Asia
Xiaochen Zhang
President of FinTech4Goods. Blockchain and FinTech thought leader, board of adviser, keynote speaker, incubator, investor, Host and +20000 followers

Keith Teare
The founding shareholder of TechCrunch, Executive Chairman at Accelerated Digital Ventures, founder of many companies Archimedes Labs, EasyNet (>$1 billion valuation), RealNames (>$1 billion valuation), Minds and Machines Inc. and many more
Ken Leaver
Director of product at Wayfair ($7bln US ecommerce), Head of Product LAZADA (an Alibaba Company), ex-CEO Groupon UA, also: VISA, BCG. Strategy Partners
Matskevich Dmitry
cofounder of dbrain (blockchain platform to collectively build AI Apps), cofounder of Flocktory (acquired by QIWI), Relap.io
Nester Roman
CEO and co-founder, Segmento
Segmento is a leading data-driven omnichannel marketing platform. Acquired by Sberbank Group (LSE:SBER, largest Bank in Eastern Europe) and AFK SISTEMA (AFKS (MCX))
Tomashevskiy Denis
CEO of Quiksilver Russia & Finland & Denmark, ex-head of Marketing Adidas CIS and Reebok
Shamis Alexander
Partner in Dostavista (global crowdsourced same-day delivery service.), Founder of Printio (just-in-time gifts production), Foodik (food delivery)
Meet our team
Now we have team with about 60 people and here the leaders:
Zhdankin Pavel
CEO and founder of Retail.Global
Solodov Vladimir
Chief Strategy Officer
Satsunkevich Artur
Director of partnership and Business Development
Gagiev Arkadiy
Chief Marketing Director
Gavrish Dmitry
CTO of Platform
Sorokin Evgeniy
Silivonchik Andrey
Lead Developer
Savina Anastasiya
Customers Service Director
MVP & Working Product
Retail.Global -- working platform with clients & revenue
Over the past 10 years we have been developing a platform for the local market, 2 years ago we switched it to the b2b business-as-a-service model, and now we are expanding it to the global market
Clients of our platform today
Simple competitive analysis
Strategic partners
Retail.Global continius to make strategic partnership with ecosystem companies in AI, shipping, marketing
Blockchain platform to collectively build AI Apps.
All business users of Retail. Global platform can use Dbrain Apps for photo processing
Dostavista Global
Global on-demand express delivery service. Dostavista works in Mexico, Russia, China, Brazil, Korea, India, Indonesia and Turkey.
All business users of Retail.Global platform can use special integrations for 1hour delivery from stores.
Flocktory is the complete platform for the entire customer lifecycle, trusted by leading global e-commerce, retail, banking, travel and telecommunications businesses.
For business users of Retail.Global platform we integrate all flocktory tools for ecommerce
B2B White-label soltuions for all sorts of bitcoin 2.0 assets
Retail.Global uses Ambisafe wallet for all token holders, one of the most reliable solutions on market
Service Providers Partners
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