Ecommerce Ecosystem
powered by blockchain
our mission
Local Retail Become Global.
Now sales become global.
How we make it happen
Global Ecommerce Platform
support multilanguage interface for online store and crossborder delivery and international payment – so global sales makes easy
Professional support
from Retail.Global Services Marketplace to create and support your shop – after that you just get revenue
Enterprise clients support
(retail chains, manufacturers, trade centers) can get full support to start the ecommerce store with omnichannel integration for revenue sharing model – new sales channel online, new customers to offline
Decentralization of stock
use products stock of all warehouses, stores, own or wholesales, personalise it just-in-time, send products to fulfillment – manage your stock online in any point the world
Supply Chain on Blockchain
Smartcontracts on Blockchain make possible making deals with suppliers of products and services all over the world and solve the problem of trust among all participators of deal – fast, security and cheap payments and supply chain
Token Loyalty Rewards System
Tokens take loyalty rewards program on next level: more value of shopping & feedback – boost customers retention and relationships
Market & Revenue in numbers
All ecommerce retail sales is 4,500$bln (2021F)
Crossborder retail e-commerce sales (2022F)
Worth of token market (2021F)
Capitalization of Retail.Global (2021F)
We making our company on 4 main growing trends
We believe in incredible abilities of markets
that we have now
Growing percent of online sales in whole retail
Now it's just 10% and growing each year to 15% in 2020F!
Growing crossborder global sales
It's going to be 20% (~1000$bln) of all ecommerce sales to 2020F
Demand of innovation in
loyalty rewards
market of loyalty system going to be 100$bln in 2020F. Tokens can solve the problem of engagement and boost sales!
Abilities of blockchain: money&contracts
It's hard to trust people in different point of the world, but now we'll solve the problem with smartcontract deals: so, sales become really global!
All success based on 4 modules
Structure of Retail.Online
- Implementation of design, international & domestic delivery, online payments, multilanguage interface, products feed to marketplaces & ads services;
- SEO, context promote and social advertisement connected via marketplace of marketing services
- Content import: text, photo, video or order content to content-partners from marketplace
- Connections of fulfillment services
- Professional teams from Retail.Online Services Marketplace to start & manage your shop

Retail.Online Enterprise team support middle and big companies to creation, migration and development of all project from start to growth of online store. Enterprise clients work on revenue sharing model.

Smartcontracts on Blockchain make possible making deals with suppliers all over the world and solve the problem of trust among all participators of deal

- Use dropshipping and wholesale warehouses to make your assortment wide and boost sales – just one click and you get new products to sale or buy it and move to fulfillment warehouse

- Connect stock of your warehouses or shops – all products will be on sale in your store
Omnichannel services and integrations very usefull if you own stores.

Platform perform:
- showing where to buy it now in stores
- online booking in store
- 3 hour delivery from store
- mobile app and much more to connect offline & online

Digital devices now influence about 60 percent of offline retail sales according to estimates from Deloitte
- Make retention higher, because of token using engagement and liquid value
- Getting of feedback and reviews of products and service – it open new ways of growing

With cryptotoken Retail.Global Token – boost feedback and reviews from our clients to improve your business, reward your clients for shopping and remind for new products.

Our vision to development of loyalty rewards program for all clients for platform.
Retail.Global Venture Fund
We create venture fund and have a mission to help startups in retail become global and turn retail and customer experience on next step.

Our abilities is base on many clients of platform that will be usefull for make pilots, take feedback and get products development more faster.

Global approach of platform make possible to make global sales for startups.

As platform we see many abilities to stay much more innovative with connection with startups ecosystems. As the result – our customers can use the trend solutions for successful global sales
Main Industries For Our Products
We try to create interesting and useful content
Fashion Clothing, Accessories & Footwear
About 50% of crossborder sales
Outdoor & Sporting & Speciality
Use cases
Now we have 4$mln/year revenue
and 10 enterprise clients
Creating own ecommerce project Proskater
45 warehouses of manufactures from all country with integrated just-in-time order supply system
First 2 enterprise clients of platform
Start with Quiksilver online store called Boardriders ( and DRoP! premium sneaker online store (
10 enterprise clients on platform
New clients: Big fashion manufacturer GLANCE (150 shops), SOHO shoes stores chain (50 shops), ( Group gifts shops), VK Gifts Shop, JustCoffee (coffee manufacturer), Anta (biggest China sport manufacturer) and Union (sport equipment company)
$4mln revenue in 2017
Integrates and operates with over 60 warehouses with 35000 products, 10 delivery companies and all infrastructure and 10years ecommerce experience to start national and international scale
Roadmap: new features, new markets
how we get to 4$bln valuation
4Q 2017
ICO Fundraising & Beta
ICO Fundraising & Release of Platform (beta) for Russia Market with global sales
1-2Q 2018
Germany & Loyalty Rewards Token System
Release of Platform for Germany market and Loyalty Rewards System on Tokens
3-4Q 2018
VC Fund & Spain, Italy, France
Retail.Global VC Funding Session, Release of Platform for Spain, Italy, France
1-4Q 2019
China & India
Release of Platform for China and India
Meet our team
Now we have team with about 60 people and here the leaders:
Pavel Zhdankin
CEO and founder of Retail.Global
Artur Satsunkevich
Director of partnership and Business Development
Arkadiy Gagiev
Chief Marketing Director
Dmitry Gavrish
CTO of Platform
Our advisors in technology, advertisment,
global expansion,
Smerkis Vladimir
cofounder of Tokenbox and The Token Fund, Journalist в Cointelegraph, ex-deputy vice president for International Development Group
Viktor Shpakovsky
cofounder of Tokenbox and The Token Fund
Dmitry Matskevich
cofounder of dbrain (blockchain platform to collectively build AI Apps), cofounder of Flocktory (acquired by QIWI),
Ilya Aizen
Founder of Flocktory (acquired by QIWI), investor of many startups
Oleg Chichigin
Enterpreneur, founder of many startups, now Mirror, startup in retail industry
Denis Tomashevskiy
CEO of Quiksilver Russia & Finland & Denmark, ex-head of Marketing Adidas CIS and Reebok
Vladimir Solodov
Consultant in Boston Consulting Group, study Cornell Institute
Alexander Shamis
Partner in Dostavista (global crowdsourced same-day delivery service.), Founder of Printio (just-in-time gifts production), Foodik (food delivery)
Clients of our platform
Service Providers Partners
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